Topics 07

Further improving productivity
and environmental performance

As part of structural reforms for growth, one of the efforts of focus in the mid-term management plan, Komatsu completed construction of a new seal ring factory on the premise of the Himi Plant 2. Seal rings are high-precision parts which are used to prevent lubricants from leaking inside the undercarriage components. To strengthen the technology development of the Himi Plant as the global Mother plant of casting materials for the Komatsu Group, Komatsu has transplanted there the functions of the former seal ring factory, which was built about 60 years ago. For the new factory, Komatsu has taken advantage of its group-wide synergy, for example, by installing high-precision, high-efficiency CBN grinders, and has also introduced AI-driven automatic inspection machines, both of which were jointly developed by Komatsu NTC Ltd. In addition to achieving outstanding productivity and labor-saving improvement, Komatsu is concerting efforts to improve its environmental performance by reducing CO2 emissions by half, etc., towards its long-term vision of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Komatsu draws its strengths by engaging in the in-house development and manufacture of key components that determine the quality of its construction equipment. On the occasion of opening this new factory, Komatsu is working to accelerate the pace of developing and introducing next-generation DANTOTSU components.

Topics 06

Moving forward to sustainable society:
Eco-friendly, new plant begins operation

Komatsu Forest AB, headquartered in Umea, Sweden, has completed construction of a new plant for forest machinery and begun production there. The new plant has consolidated old plants located separately in Umea, optimizing the production process and layout. It has also adopted new manufacturing engineering benefits, including an automatic assembly line with automated guided vehicles (AGVs) for the first time in the Komatsu Group. As a result, the new plant should achieve 30% improvement of productivity compared to old plants. Additionally, the new plant has incorporated renewable energy supply facilities, such as solar panels of about 19,000㎡ installed on the roof and heating equipment which uses geothermal energy, thereby dynamically reducing its electric power consumption volume, and achieving carbon neutrality for the first time in Komatsu Group’s plants.
As management targets in the current mid-term management plan, Komatsu has been working to reduce our 2010 CO2 emissions by 50% from our products in use and in production each by 2030. Komatsu also upholds the long-range vision of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. Komatsu will accelerate its efforts for carbon neutrality, for example, by ensuring eco-friendly production, and for contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

Click here for Komatsu Forest’s
website (in English).

Topics 05

The place of learning improved
for children who will create the future

To commemorate our 100th anniversary, we renewed Komatsu-no-mori in Komatsu City, home to Komatsu Ltd., in Ishikawa Prefecture. We opened Komatsu-no-mori in 2011 under the slogan of developing people and technologies for the future as part of our 90th anniversary commemorative project. Since then, it has received many visitors as the place to develop globally minded human resources of the Komatsu Group and to nurture children with the local communities. Upon renewal, we built the Waku-waku Komatsu History Pavilion by restoring the exterior architectural design of the original head office. This facility is designed to offer sustainable contributions to the local communities and look back on our 100-year history. In addition to the 930E super-large dump truck on display since 2011, we have added the PC4000 super-large hydraulic excavator on display. Furthermore, we renovated the Waku-waku Komatsu Kids Pavilion where children can learn the mechanisms of construction equipment. We also built the Waku-waku Komatsu Future Pavilion, a new multi-purpose facility, which offers visitors the experience of operating a mini shovel without worrying about the weather and accommodates science classes for children. Komatsu-no-mori will continue to move forward with the local communities as the place for visitors to learn about our technologies and history, and for children, who will lead the future, to discover the joy of making things and the wonders of nature.

Topics 04

Remote work applicable even
to construction sites: It’s already here!

Towards sustainable growth for the next 100 years, we will bring about the digital transformation of construction with products (automation and sophistication of construction equipment) and processes (optimization of construction operations) in order to realize safe, highly productive, smart and clean workplaces of the future together with our customers. To ensure safer construction in a shorter period for better results, we are proactively promoting automation and remote control of construction and mining equipment. We are refining the Digital Transformation (DX) SMARTCONSTRUCTION designed to optimize construction by synchronizing actual and digital sites (digital twin). We are pleased to show our challenges, in the video, to create new value for our customers and society.

Topics 03

Becoming one for Earth:
Mother Earth Day events held

Upholding the theme of environmental sustainability, we held Earth Day events of One World One Komatsu which we began as our global-scale social contributions, participated in by Komatsu Group employees around the world. On April 22, the International Mother Earth Day of the United Nations, One World One Komatsu participants shared videos and photos of their environmental activities, such as planting seeds, cleaning, and picking up trash, in the form of six regional watch parties online. At the head office in Tokyo, Mr. Ogawa, president, and other senior officers joined the party by planting hydrangea seedlings and sowing vegetable seeds on the rooftop garden. The next day, employees around the world watched the 24 hours of Earth Day premier video in the form of a global watch party. We should start with things each and every person can do. Come together in one thought. Enjoy what we are doing. We spent two days, experiencing and building on those diligent actions which are steps to protect the future of our invaluable Earth.

Topics 02

The start of Komatsu ways of
G40 exhibited in the
lobby of the head office

To commemorate our 100th anniversary, we are exhibiting the G40 bulldozer (Komatsu Model 1 Ground Levelling Machine), Japan’s first bulldozer and the only one unit available today, in the lobby of our head office in Tokyo. Back in 1943, while cable blade dozers were in the mainstream, even among U.S.-made models, Komatsu adopted hydraulics to control G40’s blades, which was very innovative then. Komatsu had produced 148 units by 1945. During the war, this particular unit, which is being exhibited in the lobby today, worked in the Philippines, and later, it was discovered when it was working on a farm in Australia in 1979. It came home to Japan after 35 years, and was exhibited at the Komatsu Techno Center in Shizuoka Prefecture over the years. In 2007, this unit was designated as a Mechanical Engineering Heritage by the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Topics 01

Now and Future of
Hideki Matsui and Komatsu

Hideki Matsui was a former New York Yankees (NYY) slugger (2002 – 2009). Both Mr. Matsui and Komatsu were born in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. The two have many other things in common, including growth from the Japanese to international arenas. Since his Major League Baseball (MLB) debut in 2003, Komatsu has continued to support him. It’s been 9 years since Mr. Matsui and Ogawa, President & CEO, Komatsu Ltd. met, when Mr. Ogawa was plant manager of the Ibaraki Plant. Mr. Matsui talked about the joys and hardships of his current position as New York Yankees Special Advisor To General Manager. Mr. Ogawa mentioned that Komatsu is promoting the digital transformation of construction by advancing automation and autonomous operations of machines as well as optimization of construction operation. Looking into the future, Mr. Matsui is hoping to create the future for young baseball players who want to become MBL players, and Komatsu is working to create new values for the future of construction, mining, agriculture and forestry, while responding to social issues. They agreed that we can create the ideal future by working with many people, even when it’s difficult alone. They pledged to do their best in their respective fields. The 100th anniversary commemorative remote dialogue ended in a genial mood.