All thanks to the support from each of our stakeholders, such as customers, shareholders, distributors, suppliers, and business partners, we are celebrating our 100th anniversary in 2021. I would like to extend our cordial appreciation to them all.

Since its establishment in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Komatsu has worked to maximize its corporate value, i.e., the sum total of the trust given to it by all its stakeholders, as it has remained to commit to Quality and Reliability.

Towards the next 100 years, we will create value through manufacturing and technology innovation to empower a sustainable future where businesses, people, and our planet thrive together.
As we look forward, I would like to ask all our stakeholders for their continued support.

President and CEO Hiroyuki Ogawa

Komatsu Ltd.
President and CEO,
Hiroyuki Ogawa
Hiroyuki Ogawa