For one and only one Earth,
we put together our thoughts as one.

We have engaged in social contribution activities around the world
based on our founder’s principles
of “Technology Innovation, Human
Development, and Living in Harmony with Local
Communities”, which we have inherited.

What kind of activities will be suitable for us when
welcoming our
100th anniversary?
Having repeated discussions, we have come to the
conclusion of “One World One Komatsu”.

The objective is to put all Komatsu Group employees
in one entity by
transcending the countries and
languages. Then, it is to foster a sense
of unity for
going after the same objective through activities
to ensure the sustainability of Mother
Earth, and help each employee
feel proud of being
a member of the Komatsu Group.

When we recognize environmental efforts for our
own sake, we will
find many things around us which
we can do. Let’s believe that small
efforts of each
one of us will build up to generate big results.

All Komatsu Group employees are engaged in
new things today.

This is the platform which links
all Komatsu Group colleagues as one entity.

“One World One Komatsu” offers not only the
chance for each
participant to feel a sense of
accomplishment for his/her contribution
to the
environment by “visualizing” it, but also a variety of
platforms which will motivate
the participants to continue their efforts.

How to use the Platform


Results of Efforts

Daily actions of each and every participant
will end up with solid results.

Results of Efforts

Note: Concerning the results shown as above 
1. Calculated based on the criterion of the Platform,
the scope is limited to this 100th anniversary social
contribution project, One world One Komatsu,
is unrelated to business activities. 
2. The period; August 2020 to February 2021.

“One World One Komatsu” has only just
All Komatsu Group employees will
resolutely team up to continue efforts to
our Mother Earth’s environment.